[Terhad] Whatsapp menjadi aplikasi percuma!

Berita baik untuk para pengguna iPhone (yang tak jailbreak), Android, Nokia dan juga Blackberry.

Untuk masa terhad, Whatsapp boleh didapati secara percuma. Kebiasaannya ia berharga 99 cent (USD). So kepada sesiapa yang ada polisi aplikasi percuma sahaja atas smartphone anda…ini adalah masa terbaik untuk memuat turun aplikasi whatsapp ni.

Kepada sesiapa yang tak pernah dengar apa itu whatsapp, bayangkan ia seperti blackberry messenger yang femes tuh. Tapi bagi aku, adalah lagi best sebab ia adalah multi platform, ala-ala Angry Birds gitu!

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Legend of Zelda : Mystery of Solarus DX

Do you still remember the old times where we have Atari game console or Sega NES? Well, at that time Zelda is one of the most popular games at the time. Still missing the game? Well, thanks to some hardworking guys who care to do them all over again, here’s your shot to play it again.

From the remake’s website:

Zelda: Mystery of Solarus DX is an enhanced remake of our first creation, Mystery of Solarus. Written in C++, the project was unveiled on April 1st, 2008. Its objectives are to correct the many flaws of its predecessor: the battle system, the bosses, the use of items, etc. However, that is hardly all of of it as new graphical elements and musics will accompany you throughout the game. This Deluxe version will be the opportunity for you to relive the adventure in a brand new way, or even to discover it for the first time if you’ve never played it before!

Below are some screenshots of the game:

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What is the difference between DHT, PEX and Magnet links?

I’m sure you have experience with Bittorrent. Just in case you don’t know, Bittorrent or BT for short in a peer to peer (P2) file sharing on the internet. It existence shot to fame after the popularity of other file sharing application like Kazaa and WinMX slowly getting less and less attention from the internet since there are so many fake files in their database. And of course, after the number 1 music file sharing application at the time, Napster was forced to shut down.

Personally I use Bittorrent since the early existence because there are not many users using it and the files are not fakes. That’s the main reason I try to use Bittorrent in the first place. Soon, Bittorrent shot to fame and considered as the number one file sharing application for internet users. Nowadays, I seldom use Bittorrent because of many reasons and online file sharing in the likes of Rapidshare and Megaupload emerges.

But Bittorrent didn’t just die, well not for the time being. To overcome all sorts of problem and flaws in the original Bittorrent idea, there are new technologies developed not to replace Bittorrent, but to perfect it. This is where Distributed Hash Table (DHT), Peer Exchange (PEX), Magnet and Utorrents come into play. I will not write about them in detail but you are more than welcome to read about it in comprehensive article from Kong Technology. I just learnt a lot about the new technology; hence I’m writing this post to share the information with you.